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Write For Yourself

Maria Popova runs the blog In a podcast, she answers some questions from fans. The first question was “knowing what you know now, what would you tell someone about starting a blog?”

Her answer was to write for yourself. Being interesting is about being interested and enthusiastic about your subject. Once you start writing for someone else, you’ve lost the long-game.

You can’t predict what other people will like. If you write for others, you will eventually come to hate the work you do. If you resent what you do, it will show up in your work. It always does. The only way to sustain your writing is doing something that keeps you motivated.

I initially started writing here because I wanted to keep track of everything I was working on. If I needed to start looking for a job, I could point to this website and show people the skills I’ve gained and how I’ve been using my time. I still don’t think that’s a bad reason, but since then, it’s starting to grow into something more. It’s become a daily practice for me. It forces me to articulate my thoughts and really think about things. I’m still at the beginning of this and I don’t know where it will go, but I’m coming to see more and more that this practice of writing is more for me than anyone else so I need to focus on exploring topics that really interest me to keep it going.