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Spending Time With Friends

I’m finally back home after two weeks of traveling. I spent time with my family and tagged along with my girlfriend to New York for her interview. I didn’t get much done in terms of my personal projects. I definitely felt an urgency to be productive, but I had a busy schedule and I wanted to spend any free time hanging out with some buddies. I have some really good friends in Atlanta and New York that I don’t get to see very often.

In the past few months, I’ve been exploring new career opportunities. I’ve been trying to find some line of work or craft that I can become obsessed about. That being said I don’t want to neglect relationships in my pursuit of mastery. I consider myself incredibly fortunate when it comes to friendships. I still keep in touch with most of my friends from college and have been meeting up regularly with a lot of them the past five years.

I know that things change, people change, and relationships change. I understand that most of us are still in relatively carefree states without spouses or children. I don’t know how long this will last, but it won’t end because I stopped trying.

My Perfect Day

In Tuesday’s with Morrie, Morrie describes his perfect day. It sounds really beautiful and I couldn’t agree more, except subtract the dancing, add more reading, and add Asian food. When I think about it, this is something I could do almost any given weekend. I moved to the Bay area a few years ago pretty randomly and some of my closest friends live out here now. It makes me a little sad that I don’t spend more time with them. This is something that I am going to change!

“Let’s see . . . I’d get up in the morning, do my exercises, have a lovely breakfast of sweet rolls and tea, go for a swim, then have my friends come over for a nice lunch. I’d have them come one or two at a time so we could talk about their families, their issues, talk about how much we mean to each other.

“Then I’d like to go for a walk, in a garden with some trees, watch their colors, watch the birds, take in the nature that I haven’t seen in so long now.

“In the evening, we’d all go together to a restaurant with some great pasta, maybe some duck-I love duck ­and then we’d dance the rest of the night. I’d dance with all the wonderful dance partners out there, until I was exhausted. And then I’d go home and have a deep, won­derful sleep.

That’s it?

“That’s it.”

-Tuesdays with Morrie