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Privilege and Luck

The Pencilsword: On a Plate

Check out this comic if you have some time. I didn’t come from a wealthy background. My parents probably never made more than $30k in any given year. I worked hard for things, but I have to acknowledge that luck played a big factor too.

I stayed motivated and worked for things I wanted, but there were people in my life who set high expectations for me. My household also valued education.

I studied extensively for the PSAT and got National Merit which paid for my tuition, but only because some random guy told me that it was easy to study for. Also, I made the lowest possible score for the cutoff.

I got a lucrative job out of college by working hard in a summer internship, but I only got the internship through one 30 minute interview.

I forced myself to become better at “networking” in college, but only because a random guy helped me overcome my lack of self-confidence. I told him I didn’t know if a “good” company would take me. At this point, I thought a “good” company was one that was recognizable. He told me, “so do you want to work for a shitty company? You’ve got to have more confidence and believe in yourself”

There are countless other random interactions that shaped who I am. I think it’s important to keep in mind that not everyone had the same opportunities.