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Putting Yourself on the Hook

I’ve been back home and spending time with friends so things have been pretty busy. I’ll likely keep the next few posts fairly short.

I revisited the podcast that made me start writing everyday. It was James Altucher’s talk with Seth Godin (podcast notes here).

“Everyone should have a blog and everyone should blog everyday primarily because if you can cajole yourself to speak your truth, you will learn to dance with fear. You will learn to write until you are not afraid to write anymore.” – Seth Godin

I remember now that this quote was what made me start writing. A lot of people don’t like having a digital record of what they said, but that is when we do our best work. Seth believes there are huge opportunities for people who are willing to put themselves on the hook.

He offered specific tactical advice as well.

  • Blog on something you care about
  • Write something useful about it everyday
  • Organize and coordinate other people around your community
  • Start an organization or discussion board
  • Give up three hours a week of television
  • You will have a whole network of people cheering you on
  • You will be able to write and change minds
  • Maybe you can sell something
  • Even if you don’t, you will know how to take responsibility
  • Your leverage will go up because people are desperate for people that will take care of things
  • Climb the ladder of meaningfulness and generosity, but you need to be willing to say follow me and not wait to get permission